Building a blue world

Blue Corner makes electric charging possible for everyone

Charge your electric car quickly anywhere and at any time

At home

Want to charge your car quickly and safely at home? Blue Corner will help you on your way! A customised charging card and your own charge point provide the optimal charging experience.

On the road

Thanks to the charging cards and the large public network of Blue Corner, you can charge anywhere and at any time. Wherever you are! Electric driving without stressing about charging.

At the office

More and more companies are installing their own charge points. Efficient, innovative, and fully customised. Reimbursing the residential consumer also creates a favourable arrangement between employer and employee.

Choose from different charging solutions

Blue Corner makes electric driving easier than ever! Whether you want to charge your car at home, at work, or on the road, Blue Corner provides a unique and customised complete solution.

Are you an installer, retailer, parking operator, or manager? We have a charging solution for everyone!

Blue Corner is ready to help you

Want to install charge points at your company site? Want to run public charge points?
Or do you still have questions? Our Blue Corner EV experts are ready to help you!

Installing your own charge point at home or at work

Your own charge point? Great idea! It will charge your battery much faster.
Blue Corner supports you through the entire process, from selection and installation to commissioning and optimisation. We provide an electric charging solution customised to your business.

Charging at home, during working hours at the company site, or in a public place? Blue Corner has the largest range of charging systems and offers a solution for every application.

Charging anywhere and at any time with the Blue Corner charging card

You can charge wherever and whenever you want with more than 200,000 public charge points throughout Europe. The extensive Blue Corner network makes electric travel easy and ensures optimal mobility within Europe.

On holiday, a business trip, or a long trip from customer to customer? It is easy use of the Blue Corner charging card fully customised to your needs.

The Blue Corner charging card provides access to all public charge points that are available.

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